Why Content Matters

The Value of Content

The phrase “content is king” has been around since the 1990s. That seems like a million years ago, but the fact remains: Content is king… well, at Diamond Queen Content, content is actually queen. Either way you look at it, content is royalty. Why is it so valuable to your business?

Boost Your SEO

Back in the stone age of SEO, all you had to do to boost your site’s ranking was stuff it with keywords. That’s why you would often come across sites with cringe-worthy wording like, “If you are buying a car, you have to know what buying a car involves. Buying a car is a process that involves many steps. Read this guide to buying a car.” By repeating “buying a car” again and again, the site could rank higher on search engine results pages when anyone wanted to research — you guessed it — buying a car.

Keyword stuffing no longer works. Google and other search engines have algorithms in place that red flag keyword stuffing and other practices that used to be the “easy route” to improved rankings. As Google has gotten smarter, it has placed more and more emphasis on quality content. Search engines want to deliver high-quality results to their users, and that means that high-quality content is a must.

I’m not an SEO expert. I know the basics of how SEO works, and I’m always learning more about it. While I can’t promise to wave my content wand and boost your SEO, I can promise to improve your site’s overall quality.

Become an Authority

Quality content lets you show off your expertise. When you fill your webpage with accurate, easy to read information about your realm of business, people are bound to take notice. That will begin to trust you as an authority in your realm, and they will be more likely to come to you when you they are looking to make a purchase or hire someone in your field.

Inform and Inspire

Everyone wants to know the answer to the question, “What’s in it for me?” That is the question you have to answer for your potential customers. What value does your product or service bring to them? You can answer that question through flashy advertisements, but content hits on a more personal level.

For example, if you sell luggage, the value of your product is that it provides a convenient way for travelers to carry their belongings. But can your target market see themselves using your luggage? That’s where content comes into the picture. A well-written blog post with tips on how to pack for vacation gives your readers valuable information and gets them thinking about all the ways they can use your product.

Spark a Conversation

Oftentimes, it seems like the world we live in revolves around social media. Are you sharing anything of value with your followers? If you are just bombarding them with advertisements, your appeals may go largely unnoticed. But if you post things that inform your audience, make them laugh, or inspire them in other ways, not only will you retain followers, but your followers will be moved to share your content. The more they share, the more attention you and your website get.