About Joy

Selfie of Joy wearing colorful, striped dress

My name is Joy Nelson. I’m the brain behind Diamond Queen Content, and I am looking forward to helping you grow your business. But before you decide to form a partnership with me, you would probably like to know who I am and why I am qualified to be your very own word nerd.

Education and Background

In 2009, I completed high school and finished earning my associate degree. I chose not to attend a four-year university for the simple reason that a bachelor’s degree is not necessary in order to be a high-quality writer. Good writing stems from experience and passion combined with a bit of natural talent.

My first job had nothing to do with writing. In fact, I was a sales associate at a chain department store. I quickly realized that the job was not suited to my personality, but I stuck at it for a few years because it covered my expenses. Even while I had that job, I wrote endless pages for my personal satisfaction. I dreamed of becoming a bestselling novelist. That dream hasn’t yet come to fruition, but hey, a girl can try.

There came a point when I realized that my retail job, in addition to not fitting my personality, would never be lucrative enough to help me achieve financial security. That was when I found an ad on Craigslist for an independent contractor position with a content marketing company. I worked with them as a content writer for a few years before I moved onto a different marketing company, still as an independent contractor.

Now I am seeking to establish myself as a true freelancer writer, responsible for finding and working with my own clients.

Examples of My Work

I can show you examples of my writing all day long, but the best example will be the sample I create for you.

On a Personal Level

Joy and her love enjoying time on the beach

I’m originally from the West Coast of the United States. I grew up in Washington State, but a few years ago I relocated to the greater St. Louis area. I miss the majestic scenery of the good old PNW, but the “Lou” definitely has its charms too!

When I’m not helping others grow their business with awesome content, I enjoy volunteering, working on my latest novel, and spending time with my loved ones. Speaking of loved ones, my fiancé is responsible for the name of my content business. He calls me his Diamond Queen — and he treats me like a queen too! I want to show him off, so check out the lyric video of a song he wrote and sang for me: