What Is High-Quality Content?

What Is High-Quality Content?

There are some specific elements that go into creating high-quality content, including:


People do not want to expend a lot of brainpower when they are reading content. If they want to think hard while they are reading, they’ll pick up a college textbook or crack open a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets. High-quality content is digestible for general audiences. If an average eighth-grader can’t read it easily, chances are it’s way too complicated.


A lot of the time, your audience won’t ready every single word in a blog post or landing page. They may be looking for a specific piece of information, and you want that information to be easy for them to find.
That’s why things like headings, subheadings, bullet points, short paragraphs, and selective use of bold and italics are important.


Your content should proceed in a logical order and have transitions to make the piece coherent.

Useful, Accurate Information

Double-check the facts! Using old statistics or spreading information from unreliable sources can land you in some pretty hot water. It’s fine to offer your opinion to your audience, but the second you tell them something that isn’t true, you lose a degree of trust.


Your audience may know very little about the products or services you offer, or they may have a bit of knowledge in that area. In either case, you should be careful that the tone of your content never talks down to them. You’re trying to form a relationship with them, after all.

Something that Moves to Action

Often, you will want your content to move your audience to do something. In some cases, this means that the content should contain a direct call to action (CTA). The CTA might be an enthusiastic urging in a blog post’s conclusion, or it might be a gentle admonition for them to contact you to ask questions about your services. For your content, you should have a specific goal for what you want your audience to do. Then, you will have a concrete way of measuring if your content is accomplishing its purpose.

Your Voice

Your content helps to establish your brand, so it should reflect your business’ voice. Is your main goal to come across as professional and polished? Do you have a lighthearted approach to life and want your audience to feel like you are an old friend? Do you appeal mainly to people of a certain age group, background, gender, or other demographic? Finding the right voice for your content begins with a journey of self-discovery.

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