How Much Does Content Cost?

It’s time to talk money. How much you’ll have to pay Diamond Queen Content will depend largely on what you want from me. Here are some factors that will go into determining the price of your specific project:

  • Type of project. Editing existing content takes less time and effort than creating brand-new content. Similarly, writing about a subject that doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge takes less time and effort than subjects that require tons of research.
  • Scope of project. Do you want me to refine your entire website, or are you looking for just one or two content assets?
  • Your vision. If you want awesome writing for your website or blog and aren’t too picky about the specific content of that writing, you will pay less than if you expect me to do several rewrites until it is “spot-on.” I won’t charge for fixing small errors or adding a paragraph here and there, but if you are not clear about what you want from the get-go, I think it is fair that I be paid for the extra time it will take to give you the content of your dreams.

Average Content Prices

There are lots of companies out there that offer content writing as a service. Some of them are very cheap. They pay their writers peanuts and don’t particularly care about the quality of the writing. They may focus mostly on keyword optimization or creating a space to insert some hyperlinks. You might pay less than $50 for a 500-word blog post from such places.

Other content writing services charge a lot more because they take the time to provide a product that they can be proud of. They aren’t just spinning other articles they find online. The content they create is original, customized, and totally shareable. This type of content might set you back a few hundred dollars for a 500-word piece.

And then there is content editing. If you want simple proofreading, along with some suggestions on how to improve the writing’s overall quality, you’ll probably be charged by the word. How much per word? It’s hard to say.

So…. The bottom line on average content prices? There really isn’t an “average” content price.

My Philosophy on Content Pricing

I just write and edit, so of course I charge less than companies that offer comprehensive SEO and content marketing. However, I definitely charge more than “cheap” content companies because I’m an excellent writer. I won’t provide you with anything that would make me cringe if I read it online.

I can provide you with a quote for my services after I understand more about what you want to accomplish from working with me. I look forward to communicating with you!